Wahiba Sands

So you won’t believe what just happened!

As usual, I decided on this trip to bed-down under the stars in Al Whahaba for a night. I had my bottled-water-shower and having heard some heavy groaning in the distance, coming out of the dark and not wanting to be a part of what sounded like a private matter, I had just locked myself in the jeep to sleep. Sound really travels in the desert.

Just when you think you’re alone…

Then there was a loud banging on the side of the jeep. Scared the c**p out of me. It was a bedu from Bangladesh. After some hand-signal communications, it turned out he need to use my battery powered light see to help a camel give birth, as it was in distress with a difficult birth. So he grabbed the light and raced across the sands – with me in hot pursuit of my light – where his friend from Pakistan was working on the mother. When I finally caught up, started trying to help. Then it occurred to me; I should be taking photos! I have only my mobile phone and the back of the jeep is loaded with gear!

Just managed to pulled the calf out. The legs of camels are often tied with a short length of rope to stop them wondering too far. That was the main issue here. getting the rope off in time.

She had pushed so hard with bound legs…


I’m told I was lucky to witness such a thing, but believe me, it was a bit worrying at times. I’ll spare you the details…

More uhh..

Will they make it through the night?

When the whole gruesomely beautiful experience was over, we parted and I headed off back on the long walk in the dark to the jeep.

Then I heard (loose translation); ‘hold up! Where the heck are you going?’ You know that whole thing about blokes not wanting to ask directions? Could have cost me some discomfort and maybe more. Well, is was dark! The way I was going, well they would have found the jeep anyway. It’s fitted with a tracker.

Next morning, it does not look that far away in the light! how come I didn’t spot it the night before?

Some 1750 meters away in the dark, having started heading back in the wrong direction, I was guided by one of the new fathers back to my starting point and went through my bedding down procedure again. What a night!

Mother and newly born camel, with previous off-spring in-tow enjoy the morning after a difficult birth.

Mobile phone recording, which is crazy given all the gear back in the jeep!