1991 – 2008 Photo-Gallery

The Sultanate of Oman has under gone an extensive period of change, and shows no sign of slowing. Having travelled the full length of Oman; during a world-wind tour in 2008, driving over 5,600 kilometres in two weeks, and speaking with locals wherever I’ve gone; I have discovered that, the essence of the Sultanate, still remains. The people of Oman have made the transition from the past, without losing their identity, dignity, or humanity. If there are any changes in the Omani people, it is that they are a little more worldly, tolerant, and understanding. The warm welcome I’ve received, is reminiscent of my experiences of 1992. I feel very much at one in the presence of Omanis, as there are numerous parallels, with my own life experiences, and basic values.

My only dilemma is that; though I wish everyone could experience that which is Oman, I also wish to keep it safe, from much of the unhappiness of the rest of the world. Nevertheless, what this most recent voyage of rediscovery, has revealed to me is; the managed development, and tourism programmes, are at a pace adequate for modernisation, yet, suitably measured, to allow people – especially those of the interior – time to adjust, to the influx of visitors, and ideals, whilst retaining that, which makes Oman so special. As such, the Sultanate of Oman remains a premium, unspoilt, must visit location.

Even though, I have been visiting the Sultanate of Oman since 1991, I still feel as if I’ve only scratched the surface. This is such a diverse country, and there is so much more to see. And so it is my sincere desire to return often to this land that, has given me, so many memorable experiences; Insha’llah.

And then it came to pass. Back in Oman…